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How to travel on Cyprus - #KAYAKProCyprus adventure

Cyprus – #KAYAKProCyprus adventure

This trip was so unexpected. I got a message from Alexandra from the headquarters of international search engine I read the message and couldn’t believe it – I just got invited for and international challange. Download the APP and go for 4 days to Cyprus. The goal is to experience this magical place your own way and use the APP to plan your trip, find the flights and book the accommodation.

This is what I love! I have been using the kayak website for ages and this seemed as my kind of thing: find cheap or magical accommodation, look for flight, rent a car and plan your own trip or just go crazy.

The trip started at the end of august. I literally bought my flight a week before the departure. I checked all the flights and choose the cheapest flight with theUkrainian airlines for about 200 Eur both ways. This way I could spend more money on at least one great hotel during this trip.

I got to the airport in Larnaca and during my stop over in Ukraine I booked a car through Kayak APP. It was waiting for me at Cyprus and I was ready to roll. I didn’t a have precise plan for this trip. I just read about some places you should visit and I decided I will just book my accommodation at places that I like. I wanted to do as muchas possible, but I had no idea which places would turn out to be my kind of thing.

From Larnaca I went to Pafos. It was the capitol of Cyprus and what was most amazing is thatitwas built the IV century b.c. whichis absolutely a mind blowerif you think of it. On the way to Pafos I had a stop at ,,must do” place called the Aphrodite Rock. In the mythology that’s the place were Aphrodite came out of the water, so I stood there waiting for her to come out again, and you know what… nothing happened ! The place it self is beautiful, unfortunately full of people standing everywhere and doing photos, so I wasn’t so pleased. But than, something magical happened and the sun started to go down and in that moment I knew that this is one of the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen! I had no doubts that this is something you have to see in Cyprus.

From there I went straight to Pafos and on the road I launched Kayak App and found a nice place to stay. The location was right at the water, but I was so tired from the trip that I went to sleep straight away.

In the morning I woke up and had such a great breakfast at the terrace with the seaview that I was celebrating the moment till they closed the breakfast place.

During the breakfast celebration I started posting photos and stories from Cyprus. The Instagram algorithmstarted working and I receivedmany tips on what to do from peoplewho lived there or traveled to Cyprus.

My goal for that day was to visit Tombs of the Kings that has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The monumental underground tombs are carved out of solid rockand are very impressive. Definitely worth seeing. August in Cyprus is really warm, so walking around Pafos during the day was really difficult, I was sweating most of the time, fortunately the Tombs are close to the sea so there is a nice little breeze there.

Since my head was hot from all the sightseeing during the day I had to choose something to cool off and I got a great tip from a girl from Cyprus on my Instagram to go to Adonis bath. That was something you have to do. You drive up the mountain to get a waterfall with a fresh, cold water.

The view and the atmosphere is absolutely amazing over there. And most of all I finally felt alive again. Even though I have been travelling the last 15 years I still haven’t got used to the hot temperatures, so this dive was necessary.

With my legs still in the water I opened the KAYAK APP and looked for another place to stay. Sometimes I can’t believe that, you are at one of the most magical places in the world, in the middle of nowhere and you can take out your phone, check out the map and decide where you are going to stay in the next few hours. This time I just wanted a cheap place to sleep and get going right in the morning, so Kayak saved me a lot of money finding a place I need at that moment.

The next day I drove for a fast zip of a magical water in the to the Olimp mountain in Toodos. The highest spot on Cyprus. The temperature over there is great. It’s warm and chilli at the same time. I had a hick at the highest point you are allowed to walk in a magical forrest. I really felt that this could be the Olimp itself.

From there I drove through Nicosia all the way to Asia Napa.There is always this moment when you have to decide what is important for you: comfortable flight, high quality accommodationor just a glimpse of adventure, especially when you love to travel, your budget is low. I have had the opportunity to test both, and to be honest I rather travel more with low budget than only a few times in high standard. The only thing I do is to do a one night accommodationduring my trips in a place that inspires me.

That’s why I chose an amazing place at the last night in Ayia Napa called Abacus suites. This place is absolutely fantastic! You get in and right at the entranceyou have a whole wall filled in round, wooden mirrors. At the reception people are so amazing and helpful, and that’s not even the best part. Once you get in the room you feel like home from the beginning. Everything is so fresh and thought through.This was my luxury last night and it was worth it.

At the last day I check out Ayia Napa and it’s not really my kind of a city. It’s full of tourists and a place for leisure and parties. I dropped off to see my last place on the list to visit called Greco Cape. I had an amazing sunset over there and was ready to head to the airport.

To conclude this was one of the most amazing trips I had and thanks to Kayak, their support and a fantastic website and App I could to this trip without even planning it. I just had to have internet and a charged mobile phone. That’s how I love to travel, so if you like to have this freedom at your trips or you just want to plan something before just download the App, type in the place you want to go to and find everything you need drinking a coffee at your couch. Mahalo!

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